Monday Motivation: The Kitchen is Where it Counts

There are so many phrases about a home and the way to a person’s heart that have been written and repeated over time. One thing realtors will always tell you is the kitchen and master bathroom is where the money is at. This is where you should focus any of your remodeling budget during the time you live in your house and when you are preparing to sell it.

Why is the kitchen so important? Because, this is where you will gather with friends and family and make delicious cuisine. Even if you aren’t a chef it’s the central meeting point for the house and it’s occupants. This is the food source. The place you store your wine or other libations. Which leads to why this room should be fresh and make you feel good.

Check out these kitchen cupboards before Next Door Painting was hired.


With the brown cupboards it makes this room seem closed off and uninviting. Now, watch what happens when Next Door Painting takes on the challenge of making this kitchen better on a small budget:


What a huge difference paint can make! Now, this kitchen has a fresh look to it. A small upgrade like painting your kitchen cabinets can really update your kitchen.

Next Door Painting offers free estimates, give us a call today.

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