Backyard Tip: Revitalize Your Deck

Backyard season has arrived in Texas. This is one of the greatest times to enjoy being outdoors in Houston. The sun is out and the weather is perfect. Everyone is outside sitting on their decks and sipping on a cold one, whether that’s ice tea, beer, or a frozen margarita. This is the season to kick back and relax. The best way to make sure you enjoy every opportunity of this wonderful weather is by having a great deck. But what if your deck looks like this?


This might put a damper on your outdoor moments. Next Door Painting can help. We can revitalize your weathered and worn out deck by staining it.


We took that deck from “Do I want even want to be out here?” to “Hey everyone come over I’m having a party!”.

Give us a call today we offer free estimates.

Next Door Painting Dallas
Dallas, TX

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Next Door Painting Chicago
Chicago, IL

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Next Door Painting San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
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Next Door Painting Houston
Houston, TX

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