Five Fresh Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

Happy Friday! Today, we here at Next Door Painting would like to share five fresh paint colors for your kitchen.


Cool blue base is a fantastic color to brighten your kitchen and pairs well with white, oak, or even black cabinets.


Black walls create a dramatic flair for your kitchen.


Taupe walls paired with white cabinetry makes the whole room cozy and modern.


White walls with white cabinets are quite the rage right now for kitchens.

What color is your kitchen? Are you ready for a kitchen color upgrade?

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8 thoughts on “Five Fresh Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

  1. I love the combinations you showed above. My husband and I recently did a mini kitchen remodel and we went with a white and grey color scheme with blue as an accent color. I really wanted to try and update the dated cabinetry we weren’t replacing yet so I did an ombre effect painting each drawer a slightly darker color from the one on top of it. I really think it turned out nicely. Now I can’t wait to finish up the rest of the kitchen and get new appliances!
    xo, Laura


  2. I feel like in pictures, white wall kitchens look AWESOME, but in real life, I think they look kind of boring. Probably bc good white light is essential for good pictures. In real life, I like splashier kitchen colors 🙂

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