Next Door Painting’s Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Painter

Hiring a painter is a big decision.


1. What steps are taken to protect your property?


That’s right, certain steps need to be taken prior to painting in order to protect your property.

2. What preparation work is done prior to painting?


For instance, this is not the proper way to fill a hole.

3. What type of painting will be done? Rollers, brushes…or this?


If you’ve hired a heavy metal painter crew, then you definitely want to know about step four.

4. What is the clean-up process?


5. The final step in the painting process is the inspection. At Next Door Painting there is walk-through inspection with each and every one of our clients.


This is an important step in the entire process. And we offer a satisfaction guaranty with a two year warranty on each job.


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